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Welcome to Siam Poongsan Metal Company Limited

Our vision to set the global standard for excellence is once again leaping forward with establishment of FULLY INTEGRATED COPPER & COPPER ALLOY ROLLING MILL in Thailand, the heart of South East Asia.

We strive to contribute to progress of local and regional economy through our superior products, employment opportunities, and uncompromising service. Siam Poongsan Metal plays vital role to enhance our vision.

Our main products include
- Copper & Copper Alloy Sheets & Strips
- Circulated & Memorial Coin Blanks
- Materials for ammunition

Our main customer group for the Sheets & Strips include
- Electric & Electronic
- Automotive
- Construction
- Telecommunication
- General Usage

Siam Poongsan Metal also provides products from Poongsan Corporation, its head office in Korea. These include High Performance Alloy Strips, Leadframe Alloys, Rods, Bars and Wires, Titanium & Stainless Steel Tubes, Stainless Steel Strips etc. Please visit Poongsan Corporation website at www.poongsan.co.kr for more information.

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