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1. Melting & Casting

Various raw materials (Copper, Zinc, Nickel, Aluminum and other metals) are melted and then casted to rectangular slabs.

2. Slab Heating & Hot Rolling

The slabs are heated so that the metal slab is soft enough for hot rolling. The hot rolled plate is coiled for easier handling.

3. Scalping

Hot rolling in high temperature creates oxide scale. These unwanted scales are removed by scalping process, using cutter to shave away oxidized coil surface.

4. Rough Rolling

Rough rolling intensively reduces strip thickness.

5. Annealing

The strip which undergone rough and cold rollings is hardened and lost ductility. The work stress is eased by heating to have re-crystallized grain structure in annealing process.

6. Pickling

Pickling process uses acid & brush to remove oxidation scales from annealing.

7. Finish rolling

Final rolling requires precise thickness and strip shape control. Latest technology enables to deliver superior product quality.

8. Tension Levelling

Strip shape is adjusted by using tension levelling machine.

9. Slitting

Strip which went through various production process to meet mechanical properties requirements will be finally slitted to required sizes width and length wise.

10. Packing

Product is carefully inspected prior to packing and labeling.

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